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Standard aluminium extrusion profile | Aluminum extrusion products and the characteristics of aluminum profiles in construction

aluminium extrusion profile Aluminum is used in many industries in the form of profiles or sheets. The industry of producing aluminum profiles for doors and windows, automobiles and aerospace industries are among the industries that make major use of this metal, therefore, the demand for the production of this precious metal is very high.

Aluminum was first used for building structures in the 1990s, and today, the metal is recognized as one of the most important efficient and durable building materials. The Empire State Building was the first tower to make major use of aluminum components and structures.

Aluminum offers competitive advantage to companies that use the world’s most stable metal. For example, in the packaging industry, aluminum cans have become very popular in the packaging industry due to their convenience, light weight and durability. Community and marginal recycling programs also highlight the value of this metal in the recycling bin. The advantages of aluminum profiles in both directions are very high for both the consumer and the industry.


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Aluminum profiles and the popularity of this metal

Aluminum extrusion products  – Aluminum profiles are very popular due to their many features. In general, the weight of this metal is about one third of the weight of other metals. In the aerospace industry, weight loss is an essential factor.

This metal is known for its high strength, especially at very high temperatures.

aluminium extrusion profile can also be used for a variety of coating services, including anodizing , polishing and brushing services, and powder coating services that protect it from corrosion. The use of aluminum offers a high potential for increased sustainable energy consumption.

. For example, the light weight of aluminum helps increase fuel efficiency in cars from passenger cars to armored tanks. If we want to mention some of the applications of aluminum in industry and construction, we can mention such things as false aluminium extrusion profile roof, building facade sheet, tile and partition.

Of course, the first widespread use of aluminum in construction was in the Empire State Building. click to ohter aluminum profile product in alibaba

Aluminum in the construction of the facade louver

One of the best and most popular building facade materials is aluminum louver, which is produced in different types. Louvres are used to achieve shadow control, privacy, beauty and ventilation. In other words, facade louvers are like a skylight that blocks out direct sunlight.

Facade louvers, also called open facade systems, are commonly used in large projects such as office buildings or public buildings. Architects use a variety of louvers to design, execute, and prepare this type of facade. Louvres also differ in appearance and materials Spindle-shaped Louvres, Cube Louvres, Rectangular Louvres, and Louvre systems are also made of metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum.

Aluminum in green buildings

For a variety of reasons, aluminium extrusion profile are considered an important component of green buildings. The metal is easily recycled, and during the process, it does not lose any of its properties. In addition, the recycling process reduces energy consumption by more than 4% compared to the energy required to produce aluminum profiles.

The estimated amount of recycling of industrial profiles used is between 1 and 2 percent. In recent years, the use of aluminum profiles has helped building projects meet the requirements of green building status under LED environmental design standards. To be.

aluminium extrusion profile standard rosenburg aluminium price for germany canada italy arab japan

Features of aluminum door and window profiles

Overall, aluminum door and window profiles are a great option for your home. They can certainly add charm and elegance to your home and at the same time these windows are very hard, safe and lightweight. These qualities make them in the installation and Different settings are very popular, especially since they are available in a wide range of different thicknesses and styles. With all these features in mind, aluminum window manufacturers are definitely the right product for their customers.

Different users in construction aluminium extrusion profile

Today, the use of aluminum to build new infrastructure is very common, thousands of concrete structures and reinforced with steel, due to their age and condition, need to be rebuilt, so in this new infrastructure, aluminum will be an important building material. Aluminum structures can weigh up to 2 to 6 percent less than steel, and at the same time offer the same strength. It is widely used due to the characteristics of aluminum profiles such as light weight, durability and high resistance to corrosion. About 7% of all aluminum produced is still in use today.

Instructions for the use of this metal and the development of green buildings

Today, the Aluminum Association has developed the use of aluminum profiles in green buildings and developed green building development and certification guidelines for environmental aluminum products to help understand end users of aluminum, including architects, designers and engineers, for informed decisions. Has provided them with the use of aluminum products.

aluminium extrusion profile standard rosenburg aluminium price for germany canada italy arab japan

aluminium extrusion profile standard rosenburg aluminium price for germany canada italy arab japan

Advantages of using industrial profiles

Aluminum performs excellently as a thermal conductor. This feature makes it possible to use industrial aluminum profiles in applications that require heat exchange. Aluminum is also a non-magnetic metal, so it is well suited for use in high voltage applications. For this reason, aluminum is commonly used in the electronics industry.

aluminium extrusion profile also has excellent reflectivity properties, which can be used in applications where protection against light, radio waves is necessary. Research shows that the efficiency of a solar panel using proprietary embedded aluminum profiles improves the energy efficiency of solar cells by up to 22%. And reflect light to the absorption layer of solar panels.

History Aluminum extrusion products | aluminium extrusion profile

Compared to other metals such as copper, bronze, iron and steel, which have been used for thousands of years, aluminum is relatively young, and in سال was recognized as a base metal. Aluminum was first refined in 1996 and was considered a luxury and expensive metal at the time.

By the end of the 1990s, with the invention of the Hall and Herwell smelting process and the development of commercial production, the metal became affordable for everyday purposes. The world is evolving vastly.

We are witnessing recession and prosperity in different parts of the world. On the one hand, the developed world, starring the two great poles of the United States and the European Union, has not yet fully recovered from the great economic crisis.

Aluminum profiles for linear lights in the electrical industry

Extruded aluminum profile is an efficient conductor of heat and is used in electrical panels and other electrical systems. In addition, it is shaped like a prominent radiator that deals with heat management. Aluminum profiles for linear lights are also used in solar panel support structures.

In the production of electronic industry profiles, the use of smaller molds increases the length of the metal. After intense compression, the metal is amplified due to molecular deformation. Therefore, the final shape of the product determines the characteristics of the extruded product.

Extrusion improves the characteristics of this type of profile and provides the final quality of the final products compared to other processing methods.

Application of aluminum in partition profiles

The combination of aluminum alloy and double glazing embodies a modern, simple and elegant style. Aluminum partition profiles are used as office partitions and create the best visual continuity of the space and are very popular in work environments. Aluminum partitions are also widely used in all commercial buildings.

The main features of aluminum partition profiles have a modular design, which means they are ready to be installed and assembled on site. High quality aluminum profiles are extruded in mechanized factories and covered with various surface coatings.

Office partitions have a minimum assembly time and no maintenance because they are finished with durable surface coating services such as anodizing or powder coating and have a high durability against corrosion.

They are environmentally friendly because aluminum can be recycled and It is one of the most environmentally friendly metals on Earth.

It is said to be a process in which a 6-meter cylinder in the form of a cylinder is passed through pressure through an aluminum extrusion mold with different sections. The profiles are then cut according to the customer’s requirements.

The advantages of aluminum in casting

Aluminum is one of the polymetals that can be used in all metal casting processes. These processes include the following:.

  1. Diecast casting under pressure and with steel mold

  2. Casting with permanent mold

  3. Casting with sand (dry sand and wet sand)

  4. Precision casting or shell


The impact of aluminium extrusion profile prices on the economy

The price of aluminum profiles has a great impact on the final price of manufactured products because aluminum is one of the most important raw materials for products in the world and plays a very important role in bringing the world closer together.

The transportation industry has long relied on the light weight and durability of aluminum to improve safety and increase fuel efficiency. Air and space travel would not be possible without aluminum, and now the digital world is realizing the benefits of aluminum for product design and production efficiency. Laptops, smartphones and tablets that are ubiquitous today are the latest display of this modern metal.

Aluminum price exchange relationship during the years 1960-2011

Changes in the prices of materials and products and the share of countries in world trade indicate the achievement of countries in international trade. In this context, the exchange relationship is an indicator that shows the income of each country from revenues related to trade.

After the Second World War, the issue of the collapse of the trade relationship between developing countries in the long run has always been raised in international trade issues, and in this regard, many practical experimental studies have been done, including the study of more and more.

He showed that the low income elasticity of demand for primary and traditional products compared to industrial goods, the monopoly structure of the market in industrialized countries and competitive conditions in the supply of primary products and technical advances have caused the exchange relationship to be to the detriment of developing exporting raw materials.

Application of aluminum metal in pipe construction

Aluminum pipes are more receptive to paint and other decorations than other metals and increase its aesthetic appeal.

Aluminum conducts heat very well, making aluminum tubing a viable option for temperature-dependent applications, including refrigerators, solar panels, and air conditioners. In addition, applications such as hydraulic systems, fuel lines, frames and racks benefit from the lightness and durability of aluminum pipes.

Lubrication process before producing aluminum profiles

The lubrication process involves the operation of the molten aluminum with neutral or active gases to remove solid or gaseous impurities, the formation of oxides and non-metallic impurities during the melting of aluminum is quite common.

Impurities may enter the billet in solid and liquid form during the entire freezing period. Lubrication facilitates the collection and separation of such undesirable components from the melt.

Lubrication is temperature dependent. It is necessary to keep the temperature of the molten metal higher before adding lubricants to the melt. In order to provide good contact between melt and lubricants and better reactivity, the fluidity of aluminum and lubricant at high temperatures is very high.

Coating, cleaning, slag and refining lubricants are the four main types of lubricants used in aluminum profile alloys. Best price Aluminum extrusion products in rosenburg aluminum for all manufacturer

Maintain the quality of the billet

To maintain the quality of the billet, the degassing operation and the removal of debris in the molten metal is an important step in the casting of aluminum billets. Molten metal operation technology is improving, especially in the extrusion industry. New filtration materials, modeling mechanisms, and experimental data collection are all aimed at improving the operation of molten metal.

Gas lubrication systems remove 3% hydrogen and reduce inclusions by more than 2%. Improving Wilt quality can speed up extrusion. Increase. Hydrogen is harmful to solid aluminum and causes porosity in castings and the possibility of blistering during extrusion and subsequent heat treatment in hard alloys.

Some potential sources of hydrogen production are:

Some potential sources of hydrogen production in aluminum include furnace atmosphere (fuel), charge materials for lubricants, external equipment, and mold reactions with metal.

Dissolved hydrogen can be reduced or eliminated by appropriate degassing. Some degassing methods include: gas discharge, degassing with degassing tablets and degassing with mechanical stirrer. Degassing is an important issue in casting, especially in billet casting.

Suitable alloys added for new casting

Other common types of aluminum alloys used for casting with permanent molds include 7.5 and 7.5.

Aluminum alloys can be suitable for permanent casting, special precision casting and centrifugal casting (all three).

Aluminum forging

Aluminum forging means dough forming of materials and basically by hot method. This process is one of the most important branches of hot or even cold forming in materials.

Countless parts of the world are produced daily by this method. Aluminum is also one of the metal materials that is formed in the forging process. There are several types of forging process, including closed forging, roll forging, open mold forging, radial forging, rotary forging, falling speed forging, slow forging, manual forging and so on.

Manual forging is usually done for simple geometric shapes such as rectangular and square shapes, cylindrical, discs, and with moderate environmental changes.

aluminium extrusion profile standard rosenburg aluminium price for germany canada italy arab japan

aluminium extrusion profile standard rosenburg aluminium price for germany canada italy arab japan

Various applications of aluminum forging Aluminum extrusion products

These shapes are produced flat or in the mold environment with the help of forging polishing tools. Whenever small parts are needed to define the first sample and also the cost and time for the molds are not approved, these types of forges They find a wide variety of applications.

Forges with pressures up to 450 kg are very common. Any metal can be formed by this process. Of course, the temperature, heating time, and finally the forming steps are different in different metals.

These machines are very different. These machines can be based on:

  1. Number of rolls (2 to 4 rolls)

  2. Types of roll forms (in the machine)

  3. Categorized the production groups in the rolling itself (such as the production of rims, the production of screws and various types of aluminium extrusion profile ).


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