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buy Aluminium thermal breaks in best price
12 January 2022
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Sliding aluminium thermal break window

Aluminium thermal breaks system, the aluminum thermal break window with polyamide belts, which are made of thick glass fibers and can withstand loads, pressures and heat of 300 degrees Celsius, allows the separation of the inner layer of aluminum profiles from the outer layer, which will provide adequate thermal insulation. It provides. Click to see Rosenburg Aluminum products

buy Aluminium thermal breaks in best price

Aluminium thermal breaks system

Two-tone window

This thermal insulation allows the creation of different contrasting colors on the inside of the window from the outside. In addition, it is possible to use anodizing coatings to make the facade. The exterior also provided a window with UV rays and atmospheric conditions, as well as creating a decorative design for different tastes in the interior. for other information from thermal breaks click in this site.

Polyamide tapes

Rosenburg Aluminum Industrial Group uses the best brands of polyamide to improve the quality of its window breaking products as much as possible.

Since aluminum is a metal, heat transfer is relatively fast, so when the difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor space is large, polyamide strips in aluminum profiles are used to prevent cold transfer. We know that heat transfer from plastic or polyamide strips is obviously slower than metal, so heat will not easily pass through the entire material, thus improving the performance of thermal insulation.

buy Aluminium thermal breaks in best price

Aluminium thermal breaks system

Advantages of aluminum window with double glazing

Prominent advantages of thermal-interrupted aluminum window products include high strength, good thermal insulation, good strength, fire resistance, high resistance to atmospheric corrosion, high performance and long life. Double windows with thermal break are the first choice for windows of tall buildings.


Aluminum doors and windows and thermal break can be considered green building materials. In the process of production of aluminum profiles, aluminum doors and windows not only do not use harmful materials, but all materials can be recycled and reused. Aluminum produces green contract and environmentally friendly products.

New aluminum windows

One of the ways to change the home space or use more light in the workplace for owners of modern homes and office units is to replace old windows and use new generation aluminum windows. Durability, ease of maintenance, aesthetics and safety are some of the options that make the choice of this type of new generation aluminum windows.

Next-generation aluminum windows that use thermal breakdown or the so-called thermal break system have become a superior option for manufacturers and designers to be available in a variety of designs and systems to suit your needs.

So he managed to quickly replace all types of windows, including PVC windows. One of the promising features of the thermal break aluminum window is its all-metal facade, which provides a wide range of champagne, gold and bronze colors by performing aluminum anodizing services and gives a new effect to the building’s facade.

buy Aluminium thermal breaks in best price

Aluminium thermal breaks system

Sliding thermal break aluminum window

Thermal windows have a thermal barrier technology made of polyurethane that interrupts the conductivity of the aluminum window frame and significantly prevents heat transfer from the inside of the window to the outside. This provides long-term efficiency and cost savings for homeowners.

Among them, sliding thermal-intermittent aluminum window system is the most common system used for doors and windows, which with a simple function in the type of opening can be suitable and attractive for any type of space. Due to the nature of its type of sliding opening, it takes up little space from the environment.

Thermal break sliding windows with double or triple glazed windows are an ideal option for thermal and sound insulation as well as the safety and strength of houses. With these features, thermal break sliding window systems are a good choice for renovating homes and replacing old windows or using them in new construction projects.


Aluminum thermal break

Aluminum, as a conductive metal, transfers energy well when exposed to heat. Today, with the advancement of technology and the new generation of aluminum windows, this problem has been eliminated. The use of aluminum thermal break windows is a solution to prevent energy waste and maintain a standard temperature in your building.

Poly-strip strips are like a barrier that prevents heat from escaping from the inner part of the thermal-intermittent aluminum window profile to the outer part of the window profile.

Using different types of polyamide, a thermal barrier can be created between the two parts of the window. In the thermal break system, polyamides are best sewn between two parts of the profile. Without compromising durability and window insulation.


Price of aluminum thermal break window

There are several factors that affect the price of aluminum thermal breakage windows, and we will examine each of them below. The use of wooden and PVC windows to prevent the penetration of cold has been common for a long time. But the durability, beauty and strength of the double-glazed aluminum window still attracts enthusiasts.

Using a piece of polyamide or polyurethane to prevent heat transfer can be a long and expensive process, so it is natural that the price of aluminum windows with thermal break is higher than normal windows or PVC windows and wooden windows. However, aluminum windows have advantages that can compensate for the price of aluminum with thermal break.



Advantages of thermal-break aluminum window

Today, the advantages of thermal-interrupted aluminum windows have led to the widespread use of double and triple glazed windows to prevent the penetration of cold and sound insulation. Using two layers of glass will require a solid frame so that you can control the weight and the parts used. Among the types of frames, thermal break aluminum window has the necessary characteristics.

The ability to maintain heavy weight, as well as the elegance of appearance and visual beauty, has led to the frequent use of aluminum window frames with double glazing.

In the meantime, using the thermal break function can significantly increase window insulation. Separating the window frame into two separate interior and exterior parts and connecting it with a non-conductive material such as polyamide reduces heat transfer and creates a heat break that can reduce heat transfer by up to a thousand times.

This condition in the case of double-glazed aluminum windows causes strong insulation in buildings. The use of thermal barriers in aluminum windows reduces heat flow, which is one of the most important advantages of double-glazed aluminum windows.


Aluminum thermal break windows

Windows with thermal break have many advantages, here are 6 main advantages:
• Reduces heat and noise by up to 1000 times less than normal windows• Flame retardant and flame retardant
• Needs little maintenance
• Durable
• Non-corrosive material
• Possibility of painting interior and exterior windows



Aluminum thermal break window

Today, the use of different types of aluminum thermal-windows is very popular. But the question must be answered, what is aluminum thermal break? The use of aluminum in the production of doors and windows has long been common. But aluminum, like other metals, has the ability to transfer energy and heat, and that can cause problems in the cold seasons. On average, 20% of the energy consumed belongs to the window frame.

One of the advantages of aluminum thermal break windows or thermal breakdown is that this type of window creates the possibility of heat transfer from the inside of the window to the outside and retaining heat energy. Thermal failure is a system of thermal insulation used in building constructions.
In the production of new generation aluminum windows, this method is used to prevent the transfer of heat or cold inside.



Golden aluminum window

The use of golden aluminum windows Among the types of colored aluminum windows is one of the most commonly used types of aluminum products that are produced and consumed. The production of gold aluminum profiles has a different process and requires perfect expertise and science in its perfect implementation.

This gold-colored coating is made by anodizing aluminum. Coating anodizing services have a wide range of colors, of which gold is one of the most popular. Aluminum profiles can be produced and delivered in different colors. The champagne thermal break window is another type of window with a delicate and beautiful design. Colored aluminum profiles are the most common form of industrial aluminum, which has various applications, including aluminum doors and windows, tables and chairs and buildings, especially building facades.
Thermal rest for champagne
The production of champagne thermal break windows with thermal breakdown and various designs with the most special colors is one of the most popular and most popular designs. This color fits perfectly into any interior and exterior design of the building. Such colors, like golden aluminum windows, attract the attention of many audiences. Aluminum thermal break window with champagne design can be used in various window systems.



The price of an aluminum window

Paying attention to the price of aluminum windows may be the only point to consider when buying a window. The advantages of aluminum windows with thermal break are such that windows with aluminum frame have very good resistance despite the delicate and lightweight design. The three factors that affect the price will be the daily price of aluminum, area, number, fittings, type of window system and installation price.
• Window size
The strength of aluminum allows the production of windows in a very large, medium range, with the price of each increasing depending on the size.
• Window quality
The next thing is the quality of the windows. Most of the aluminum windows produced in this complex are made of first-class aluminum profiles.
• Window type
Fixed windows have a simpler design than sliding windows and are therefore cheaper.
• Thermal failure
Thermally insulated thermally insulated windows are energy efficient and more expensive than normal windows due to their special structure and design.



buy Aluminium thermal breaks in best price

Aluminium thermal breaks system

Restrictions on the use of thermal break windows

One of the disadvantages of thermally broken windows is the high price of hardware for these windows, and also because the consumption of aluminum is high, so it is necessary to spend more, because the price of doors and windows is calculated from the weight of consumed aluminum. . Of course, if there are no budget constraints, this shortcoming can be ignored.

Although the costs of using double-glazed windows are high, but on the other hand, their use largely avoids energy loss, all the initial costs are actually recoverable and it can be said that it pays to spend a lot of money.

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