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Introduction and application of aluminum angles
15 March 2022
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Introduction and application of aluminum angles

It is a type of profile with a vertical cross section that is used in various constructions. Aluminum angles are made of special alloys and are most often used in the construction industry. They are produced in two ways: fabric and printing. This aluminum corner, like other corners, has a standard mark that is usually inserted on the aluminum body of the corners.

Types of aluminum angles | aluminum angle

As mentioned in the above article, aluminum angles are produced in two ways: by pressing and by fabric. In the fabric method, the right angle will be drawn from the production line. But in the method of pressing, sheets of 6 meters are used. In this way, they bend in the middle to form an angle and are divided into two types: flexible or masonry and simple angle. For your constructions, we recommend the use of  rosenburg aluminum angles or aluminum angles, which is currently one of the best types of aluminum angles in the country.


Introduction and application of aluminum angles (2)

Introduction and application of aluminum angles


Advantages of using aluminum angles

The advantages and properties of angles are many, which is why it is often used in today’s society.  aluminum angle is also in this category, whose advantages are as follows.
• One of the most important advantages of the  aluminum angle is its light weight, which makes transportation easier.
• Has great strength, especially in weather and physical conditions
•  aluminum angle can be welded well.
• This type of aluminum angle is well resistant to corrosion, vulnerability and decay.

Introduction and application of aluminum angles

Introduction and application of aluminum angles


Another feature of  Aluminum Corner is the possibility of recycling.

• Due to its non-magnetic properties, it can be easily used in energy towers.
Angular applications of  aluminum
As mentioned above, aluminum angles are used for construction, but its applications are as follows.
• Windbreaker
• For the production of gratings
• Used in various machines
• Foundation
• It is used to manage electricity in the production of various types of energy towers
• To restrain different walls
• Suitable for connecting iron beams to beams
• Suitable for connecting columns to pages
• Aluminum angle of the suspended ceiling


Introduction and application of aluminum angles

Introduction and application of aluminum angles


Aluminum suspended ceilings are produced using aluminum suspended ceiling angles and bending and punching of aluminum sheets with CNC pressing machines. The characteristics of the aluminum angle of the suspended ceiling include the following:

• Easy to move
• Easy cleaning of the aluminum corner of the suspended ceiling
• Compatible with modular lighting
• Aluminum suspended ceiling angle can be combined with other suspended ceilings.
• Used as sound and heat insulation
• Due to their special resistance, it can be installed in humid environments.
• Resistant to fire or other atmospheric factors.
• Methods of cutting aluminum corners
It is not bad to know that one of the most sensitive phases of production, casting and shaping of aluminum corners is its cutting part, for which we have tested some of these methods for you, join us.


Introduction and application of aluminum angles

Introduction and application of aluminum angles


Disk saw
In addition to being fast, the disc saw method also has high precision in cutting aluminum angles. In this method, the diameter of the circular saw is twice the angle of the aluminum saw they want to cut.

Band saw
At that cutting speed of up to 30 square meters per minute, the price of the tape is cheaper than the disc. But the capacity of the variety is higher than the previous type, and the speed of work with a band saw is the responsibility of the operator. Also, with this method, cutting the corners of aluminum can be done up to a thickness of almost 1000 mm.
Procurement and price of aluminum angles
To buy aluminum angles and also inquire about the price of aluminum angles, you can call the company numbers and use the good advice of our experts.

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