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Architectural aluminum specifications
12 January 2022
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Architectural aluminum specifications

Production of architectural aluminum specifications such as shop windows, windows and doors, curtains, commercial entrance doors and cladding for passages. And some structural products such as commercial AD frame, garden fence, tile and so on

This includes standard and heated aluminum profiles.



Architectural aluminum specifications

Architectural aluminum specifications

Aluminum architectural systems

Aluminum architectural systems Window doors and aluminum facades are among the most popular metals in the construction and decoration of buildings. Features such as high durability, stability and beauty of aluminum metal have revolutionized the architectural system of buildings, and today many architects and building designers recommend aluminum for building facades.

The rosenburg aluminum Industrial Complex, by producing all types of aluminum parts and providing specialized services provides designs proposed by architects and builders for interior and exterior decoration.

The variety of designs and ductility of aluminum has conditioned that the variety of designs of aluminum constructions is becoming more widespread day by day. Production of all types of doors and windows, office partitions, glass fences, curtains and roof facades in different designs, colors and different styles, including aluminum architectural systems produced in the painting of sunny windows, which led to a major change in the decoration industry. has made aluminum not only one of the raw materials in construction and has a wider range of applications.

The company Aluminum doors and windows produces all types of aluminum parts and products according to all the unique characteristics of aluminum, and in the meantime offers the public special products with special attention to aluminum doors, windows and facades of buildings.




Architectural aluminum specifications architectural aluminum railing systems

Architectural aluminum specifications architectural aluminum railing systems

Advantages of using aluminum in an architectural system

Aluminum is the second most commonly used metal after iron in construction. Among the properties of aluminum metal such as durability, strength, ductility and beauty, it can be used in various designs.

Window and aluminum facade systems have different designs due to the variety of metals, and that is the basis for various decorations. More complex shapes and designs can be produced by processes such as extrusion, stamping, CNC as well as dyeing.




Application of aluminum architectural systems | architectural aluminum railing systems

Aluminum is used in many structures. Various small parts to the largest structures in squares and large cities are made of aluminum. In a way, aluminum has managed to make a big change in the industry of interior and exterior decoration of buildings and urban facades. The simple, beautiful and durable appearance of aluminum has led many builders to use aluminum, especially in the exterior of buildings, roofs, wall coverings, doors and windows, stair railings and other parts.

Aluminum has the power to withstand very heavy objects such as glass windows. The silver color of aluminum constructions is a common characteristic of most, which gives a special beauty to their appearance. The use of aluminum architectural systems in addition to the beauty of the building’s facade can affect energy storage and increase the security of the building.

Rosenburg aluminium Industrial complex  , specializing in the production of various types of building facades such as curtain facades with the highest quality and unique design, produces products that are comparable to foreign specimens and can be even more economical in price.

The use of an aluminum architectural system in addition to beauty can also have a significant impact on durability, efficiency and energy conservation. Reducing the use of expensive and at the same time unsustainable materials eliminates the costs of renovation and replacement of parts, and you can enjoy the beautiful appearance of the building for decades.

Aluminum fences Contrary to the misconceptions of some people who believe that this product does not have enough strength and durability, it is a very strong protection and a fence with one of the hardest and most durable metal alloys that people have managed to detect and produce. date Made of aluminum. Aluminum fences are painted and anodized in a very precise and designed process in the form of pipes and profiles and become a stainless and durable fence. The variety of designs and colors of aluminum fences is so great that it can be harmonized with the exterior and interior decoration of any building and create a manifestation of beauty and modernity for you.


Architectural aluminum specifications architectural aluminum railing systems

Architectural aluminum specifications architectural aluminum railing systems

architectural aluminum railing systems

Aluminum fences are usually offered in a beautiful, powder coating. This innovative product protects the fence and does not crack or rust . In addition, it requires virtually no maintenance. There is no need to repaint the fence, re-use the powder coating or paint or seal. To remove contamination, aluminum fences are easy to clean and do not require any maintenance to maintain their beauty and remain strong and reliable.


Architectural aluminum specifications

Architectural aluminum specifications | architectural aluminum railing systems


Characteristics‌ Aluminum fence

Lightweight aluminum metal is silver in color and has great flexibility that due to the glaze that is created on it, it never rusts and changes color when exposed to air. This durable and non-flammable metal is widely used to make aluminum fences in various places. The durability of this fence material is several times longer than steel fences and it oxidizes less in steamy spaces. Another thing you need to know about buying aluminum fences is that the installation and welding of these fences is very simple and does not require additional welding and painting; This causes less damage to the stairs and installation in less time.

Glass handrail design with fastener

This method is on the list of classic methods and is much cheaper in terms of costs than other methods and can be an interesting choice for homes. This method uses metal bases, and the glass handle is combined with metal.



architectural aluminum railing systems

Architectural aluminum specifications architectural aluminum railing systems



This style of glass handrails is such that the pipe or steel profile is combined with a special fitting. Aluminum or iron is used for the base, and the fittings are 8 and 10 mm thick glass cups.

Keep in mind that in this method, the glass plates are smaller in thickness and it is necessary to use metal substrates for greater strength. This method is cheap and in a normal state in terms of safety, which is why it has become very popular in the last few years. As for beauty, it may not be as beautiful as other options, but due to the high speed of installation, it can be compatible with the tastes of additional people.

To start a glass handrail, you must first determine how different each part of the space is from the other. This difference can affect the overall size of the part and the type of glass used. It is worth noting that the safety used for different parts of glass handrails is different and it is good to perform a preliminary and thorough inspection. It is worth noting that the use of small thick glass plates increases the safety of work.


architectural aluminum railing systems

Architectural aluminum specifications architectural aluminum railing systems

Variety of spacers with double glazing

Double glazed spacers are actually spaces that separate the two parts. The spacer can be simple and colorless. But sometimes you can add beauty to the whole window by choosing beautiful colors and spacer designs. Choosing the right sealant that covers the entire surface of the window and prevents air and moisture from entering the space between the two glass walls is very important. In addition to the quality of the sealant and spacer, choosing the right design and color can also be important.

Imagine a colored strip around the frame of your window that shines through two aluminum glass panes. Elegant and attractive view that can be very attractive and pleasant for the windows of your residential or commercial building.

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