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Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion
16 January 2022
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Aluminum powder color coating

Types of aluminum powder paint coatings

Aluminum powder coating is one of the most popular colored aluminum products. Aluminum is a widely used metal in the world, which is used in industrial and even non-industrial areas. Aluminum is produced in various forms for multiple uses, such as aluminum sheets – Extruded aluminum-aluminum profiles and …
Aluminum products are originally raw in color, that is, the same aluminum silver color, but it should be painted for various uses of the aluminum. For this, there are several ways, such as coating of aluminum powder colored colors and … .

Aluminum powder coating , a color layer on aluminum spraying. Powder coatings compound pigment, resin, filler and additives. Which first introduces these materials in the extruder. To mix together, they are called “extruding” process. Then the melting material is cold during the two-stage process.

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

How to apply powder paint on surfaces like  Aluminum powder color coating

In the coating of aluminum powder, soft milled particles that include pigment and resin are pregnant and sprayed to metal fragment.
This process can be done manually or automatically with various devices available with small and large consumers.
The parts that should be covered are kept in a neutral state. Then the pregnancy particles that are sprayed to the piece stick to them. These particles are then fixed on their location on the piece.
Until they melt in the furnace and turn into a flat surface. As a result, a coating is one hand, durable and high quality.

To make particles between twenty-eight micron. And then the powder is passed through sieve and package.

The coating of aluminum powder is made in powder and put the aluminum powder coating first put the aluminum components in your specified place and in front of the device, and special devices to spray and throw powder colors to The aluminum side is determined during the time and start with the specified temperature.

The consideration should be set at the device from the beginning. The aluminum distribution is under this time under the premise and melt and hardened and after insulating cold.

Very resistant and quality obtained. Country time is also different from aluminum powder types and should be in accordance with the manufacturer’s order, which is usually 10 to 18 minutes, and withdrawal from 185 to 230 degrees Celsius.

In the aluminum powder color spectrum we want to have a clear color, the device temperature should be low and, at the same time, more time is needed (to prevent the yellowing of the color of the product), and to create a dark aluminum powder color to high temperature and less time. Be Powder is loaded with an electrostatic device and is brushed by Gan and because of being pregnant to the pieces and then it gets hard to furnace and color cooking.

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

Industries that use Aluminum powder color coating

• Construction industry
• Furniture and cabinet industry
• Door and window industry industries
• Metal Industry
• Automotive and manufacturing industries
• Agricultural and road construction machinery
• Shelving and decoration industries
• Electronic components industries
• Industries, cooling and heating machinery (radiator, cooler, heater and …)
• tubing Industry
Aluminum profile production industry
• Health & Medical Industries
• Aluminum rails rail for train pass

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

Major consumers of powdery colors

Today, powder coatings have good properties and suitable gloss. They can provide any color and texture with different thicknesses and needed.
Currently, due to the variety of aluminum powder coatings and market capacity growth, research is always available to improve product quality. This leads to innovation and expansion of the market.
The largest consumers of aluminum powder coatings are producers of cooling equipment, lighting and home appliances.

High quality aluminum powder coatings are a good alternative to use instead of glazes and liquid coatings on the surface and industrial equipment. These items include a wide range of products.
The construction market and architecture uses aluminum powder coating on cabinets, shelves, aluminum parts for molds in and office furniture.

Post funds, rails, fences, metal roofs, parking rails and highways, protective rails, agricultural machinery and gardening tools also use aluminum powder coatings.
In addition, seats, wrought, household appliances, industrial power boards, automotive industries and hundreds of productive products need to have high weather resistance.

All of these products are covered with aluminum powder

The difference in quality of aluminum powder coating with liquid color on surfaces such as aluminum
• Since aluminum powder color is admitted to the workpiece through electrostatic pregnancy, it is possible to obtain a single-level and high quality level in any atmospheric conditions.

• Aluminum powder color as a multipurpose coating, benefits and unique access to the consumer that traditional liquid systems have been unable to provide these benefits.

• Aluminum powder color system is far more efficient than the standard liquid color system. The process of aluminum powder paint is free of any drip or flowing and does not need to dry.

• In the process of applying aluminum powder, the coloring of a large number of pieces is possible in the shortest possible time. This is one of the factors less waste of color compared to liquid color.

Different components of aluminum powder coating

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion | aluminum powder coating

The various components of powdery colors include litter resin, baking agent (in thermostost types) and additive as follows

1-Thermoplastic resin or thermostist:

• Thermoplastic resins: Resins in this group are polyethylene, polyamide, polyvinyl chloride and polyvinylidine fluoride.
• Thermostatic resins: This group, which is capable of producing glossy, half-shiny, matte, semi-opaque, super op matte, and effective colors, are:
• Epoxy (excellent properties such as corrosion resistance, hardness, flexibility and impact resistance.)
• Polyester (high gloss, good flow and decorative),
• Polyurethane and acrylic (weather resistance, color resistance, resistance to pollution, strong metal adhesion, excellent film appearance, suitable for decorative powder coating)

2- Baking Agent:

The conditions in the oxyran loop, the high potential of loop opening, as well as its high polarization, cause epoxy resins to have relatively good reactivity.

Frequently used baking agents used

1) The networking factor is based on di cyanamide and, in fact, triglycylydyl iso cyanot (tgic) solid, this substance is not reactive at room temperature

2) Diquan Di Amide and their derivatives, each of which consumption of 4-5 epoxide groups, is carried out about 200.

3) Organic poly acid hydrides, such as hex hydrophonic acid anhydride-poly anhydrides at high temperatures, react with hydroxyl groups and then with epoxide groups.

4) Finally, the other group of acidic polyester (has active carboxyl groups), which are usually called hybrid products and epoxy resins. These coatings are based on carboxyl polyester resins and form a chemical reaction of polyester resin and an active epoxy or glycidyl agent.

Due to the presence of an aromatic ring in the structure of epoxy resin, these types of coatings do not have proper resistance to sunlight (UV rays). Therefore, epoxy polyester colors (hybrid) are recommended for internal consumption.

3- Properties modifier additives:
From where in the world of color and resins, the basic and important parameters of coating, price and appearance are, so additives play a very important role in improving all three parameters mentioned.

Aluminum powder color coating

Aluminum powder color coating for aluminium extrusion | aluminum powder coating

Application of epoxy powder coatings

Application of epoxy powder coatings include

• Internal decorations on complex shapes such as steel furniture or tubes and large metal devices
• Use in open space applications such as agricultural equipment and heavy vehicles
• In coating of natural gas transmission pipelines and water

Epoxy powder coatings markets

Today, demand for epoxy powder coatings in the building industry has increased. Studies show that, regardless of the epidemic of the Corona virus by 2026, investment in this area will face 3 percent. According to the following figure, predictions show the Asia-Pacific region in the future of the global market to some extent. The following figure shows the growth of powdery epoxy consumption in parts of the world.

The global powder market coatings are estimated at $ 7.9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $ 14 billion by $ 14 billion by 2026, and the annual growth rate of 6% over the years 2021-2020. Also, the growth of the 4/1 market is expected in this period.

Epoxy resin properties

Epoxy resins have a very wide molecular mass. This means that a low viscosity liquid varies into a solid melting point, so they can be used in different industries. For example, liquid epoxy resins in the floor covering industry, which facilitates low viscosity, can be used from solid epoxy resins in the powder color industry. Epoxy resin features can be referred to:

• High variation
• High resistance to chemicals
• High resistance to water and humidity
• Excellent adhesion
• High electrical resistance
• High resistance to wear and hit
• tensile strength, compression and flexural

Epoxy resin consumption

According to the features mentioned above, epoxy resins are becoming an integral part of businesses and industrial sectors, including the following:

• Powdered colors
• floor covering
• Structural steel coatings and FRP composite
• Types of electrical parts due to insulation
• Aerospace and aircraft
•Home Appliances
•automobile manufacturing
• car covers
• Ink printing

Bake epoxy resins

Epoxy resins derived from base phenol A, depending on the final characteristics, are often cooked with polyester, anhydrides, amines, polyurethane, phenols or polyamides. Baking epoxy resin is a thermal process that can take several seconds to several weeks.
Choosing the baking agent affects the baking process of the system such as baking speed, baking temperature, heat released and system viscosity. Also, the baking agent will affect the type of transplantation and system network level on chemical and thermal resistance, physical, mechanical and electrical properties of the product. Solid epoxy resins cause more transverse links due to long chain length, resulting in flexibility and strength.

Types of epoxy resins :

Epoxy resins are produced in terms of chemical composition:
• Based on Base phenol A: The most common and most important type of epoxy is based on Base phenol A, which is formed from the reaction of epichloridine with base phenol A.
• Based on Base phenol F: A very important epoxy resin, epoxy based on Base phenol F. This resin has less adhesion and viscosity and offers more flexible thermos and resistance, and on the other hand, this resin is somewhat expensive..

Normal epoxy resin: Epoxy Noval is another group of epoxy resins based on phenol formaldehyde nodes. This resin usually has 2 to 6 epoxy groups per molecule. High temperature and chemical resistance, but low flexibility due to high factor of epoxy nodal characteristics.

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