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custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile
19 January 2022
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Manufacture of standard  and the benefits of aluminum extrusion

Sales of custom aluminum profiles

custom aluminum profiles are made of aluminum, which is the most abundant mineral in the earth’s crust, although aluminum is not usually found in pure form in nature. Aluminum is obtained from bauxite, a mineral that can be extracted from mines in different parts of the world. Until 1888, only one sustainable economic process was proposed for the production of different types of aluminum profiles.
Mineral bauxite is crushed and dispersed in water. Clay and silicon are removed as by-products, and the remaining bauxite is dried in an oven and mixed with commercial sodium carbonate and lime. The resulting mixture is passed through a series of processing steps before being heated in a calcination furnace. The obtained material is alumina, which is a powder and is a chemical compound of oxygen and aluminum.



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In order to obtain aluminum that can be used as a raw material in the process of extrusion pressing and production of aluminum profiles to order, alumina must first pass through a metal melting furnace, and then through alloying processes. During these processes, quantities of alloying are required. elements must be obtained. Copper, magnesium, silicon and manganese are added to the aluminum to obtain an alloy of the desired properties.

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custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

Custom aluminum profiles

custom profile and its characteristics

custom aluminium profiles have important characteristics that are:

Light weight: Aluminum weighs about one third of the weight of iron, steel, copper or brass, making it cheaper to manage the process of extruding aluminum profiles and producing custom aluminum profiles, making it an attractive metal for use in applications. that weight loss is a high priority in them, such as transport or other applications that use moving parts.

High strength: In the process of producing aluminum profiles for extrusion, the profiles can be produced in a waythat has the necessary resistance for most industrial applications. Increased design of aluminum extrison profiles. In applications where there is cold wear, the process of producing aluminum extrusion profiles can be easily used, because aluminum becomes stronger and more resistant to cold.



custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

Aluminum extrusion profile

Unique characteristics of aluminum extrusion profiles
One of the characteristics of aluminum profiles for extrusion and aluminum profiles is the presence of high resistance to the weight of the material, which is why extrusion presses produce aluminum profiles needed in applications such as aerospace, industry and buildings and stairs where they are transported. Load is an important feature to use.
Corrosion resistance: The characteristic of special aluminum profiles is excellent corrosion resistance. Extrusion aluminum profiles do not rust and the aluminum surface is protected with aluminum oxide, which can be improved by anodizing aluminum , powder coating services or other coating processes.



custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

Sales of aluminum extrusion profiles

Advantages of industrial protected aluminum profiles

Excellent thermal conductivity: Based on the weight and price of special aluminum profiles, it can be said that aluminum conducts heat and cold better than other conventional metals, this feature makes extruded aluminum profiles an ideal material for applications using heat exchangers or heat removal.

required; On the other hand, extruded aluminum profiles can be insulated from heat and cold using thermal break technology. The flexibility of extrusion mold design allows the designer to design aluminum profiles in such a way as to optimize heat loss in homes and other components.

Very good conductor of electricity: Aluminum does not receive electricity, it is very convenient to use special aluminum profiles in high voltage applications and in the electronics industry where there is a magnetic field.

Non-flammable and non-toxic: Aluminum does not burn and does not produce toxic substances even at very high temperatures.

Reflectivity characteristic: It is possible to produce highly reflective aluminum components by polishing and brushing on the aluminum surface. Or infrared radiation is preferred, used.



custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

The price of a custom aluminum profile

Frequently asked questions about dedicated profiles | custom aluminum profile

What is a proprietary aluminum profile?

Refers to profiles designed and manufactured by extrusion manufacturers specifically for customers. Usually, the most common use of special profiles for custom doors and windows. Window design engineers provide a variety of custom door and window systems by changing the profile.


custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

The advantage of using special profiles in the production of doors and windows?

Its advantages include the use of quality ok
this, the possibility of proper sealing and ventilation, the possibility of using double and triple windows, reducing installation costs due to easy and quick installation, the possibility of applying various color coatings, the possibility of in any size and shape to create custom door and window systems.



aluminum extrusions profiles shapes process manufacturing

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

What is the price of ordering a special aluminum profile?

The price of custom profiles depends on several factors. Including the price of the mold, the quantity of the order, the weight of the aluminum profiles, the thickness of the profiles, the painting services and … so that you can get help from our consultants with the numbers on the site.

What is the advantage of using aluminum in the production of custom profiles?

Aluminum is a light, strong and corrosion-resistant metal. They are also environmentally friendly in terms of energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Aluminum can be recycled over and over again without losing physical properties. Due to its high flexibility, aluminum can produce profiles even with the most complex profiles.


custom aluminium for industry - extrusions aluminium profile

custom aluminium for industry – extrusions aluminium profile

How are custom profiles produced?

Specific profiles are generated during the extrusion process. In this method, the aluminum beam under high pressure and specific temperature passes through a mold of special cross-section and the profile is produced of the same shape and cross-section of the mold. One of the advantages of this method is .



custom aluminum extrusion | Dedicated aluminum profiles without the need for mechanical fittings

Specific aluminum profiles can be produced in the production process using aluminum extrusion presses in complex shapes without seams and without the use of mechanical joints. The resulting aluminum profile is usually more durable than its component counterpart.



Production of aluminum profiles for extrusion

Comfortable profile design of aluminum profiles

Although standard aluminum profiles are available on the market, there are still industries that require custom profiles for their product. As a result, the manufacturers of aluminum profiles have dedicated part of their production to the production of custom aluminum profiles to meet the needs of their customers. The production of this type of profile is determined based on the performance objectives and project requirements.

Fast launch: Usually the production process of raw aluminum profiles for extrusion of rosenburg aluminium industrial complex is 10 working days, and the delivery time of profiles together with coating services such as anodizing of aluminum and powder coating services is 20 working days, which causes prototype development and market offers to be fast.

Ease of fabrication and assembly of different types of aluminum profiles: The design of extrusion molds and the efficiency of aluminum extrusion presses make production processes, such as aluminum lamella profiles and subsequent assembly, easy. There are also various manufacturing processes commonly used to manufacture and assemble components based on extrusion.

Recyclable: Aluminum can be recycled many times without compromising quality. Usually, the amount of recycled materials is used in the production of special aluminum profiles and aluminum profiles for extrusion, which does not diminish the beauty or quality of the product. In addition, the inherent properties of extrusion, including light weight, strength and design flexibility, have significant environmental benefits.

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