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aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners
2 February 2022
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Colored aluminum corners for outside and depot

Colored aluminum angles are one of the most important industrial aluminum profiles in construction and are used in complex and individual forms in buildings. Angle profiles with dimensions of 2 to 2 mm are used for various connections between bridges with columns or beams for load-bearing load. In addition to various types of iron fittings, angles are also used to make pillars and gratings.



Corner sales are offered in two different ways. One is the corner of the fabric, which is produced in the form of aluminum extrusion, and the other is the press corner, which is made of 6-meter sheet metal and is bent in the middle and shaped into a corner. The corners can be offered in different types of anodized and powder paints, including the sale of white corners with oven painting services.

Angle profile and its applications

Aluminum angle profiles are widely used due to their diversity. Aluminum angle profiles are produced from different alloys and different profiles, which are widely used in the furniture, doors, windows and construction industries.

Angle profile is one of the most diverse extrusions required in many industrial sectors. Of course, depending on the use, aluminum angles can be produced in different types of alloys.

Thanks to the technologies used in extruded aluminum, corner profiles can be produced even in small dimensions and with high technical complexity.


aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners

aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners


White aluminium corner sale

Sales of white aluminum corners and their use in buildings and projects of aluminum facade blinds You will need to identify their size. To be able to identify angles of different sizes, you need to know two very important factors, and they are the length of the corner wing and the thickness of the corner wing.

With these two options you can identify the desired size of the corner or any other type of metal. For example, if the phrase ٥ * ٥٠  is written on the corner, it means that the thickness of the corner is 5 mm, and the size of its corner wings is ٥٠    .


aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners

aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners



White aluminum corner profile and its applications

White aluminum corner profile has many applications, especially in construction, in the manufacture of hidden cabinet handrails and construction projects, of which we intend to mention the application of this aluminum profile.

  • Construction of various energy towers

  • Prosthesis

  • Production of gratings

  • Various machines

  • To connect poles to bridges

  • Foundation

  • Connection of iron beams to beams

  • Connects columns to pages

  • As a holder for various walls

  • Wide application in all simple connections

  • Another application of angle is in the production of elevators, which is made of crushed angle components called bites.



Types of angles and characteristics of aluminum | aluminum corners

The types of aluminum angles have many desirable characteristics which we will explain more below:

  1. It has a very low specific gravity
  2. Extremely resistant to all types of corrosion
  3. It has adequate weldability
  4. High strength against weather and physical conditions
  5. It has non-magnetic properties for use in platforms
aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners

aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners



There are many reasons for the angle of buildings and aluminum profiles for doors and windows, and all buildings need colored aluminum angle profiles to maintain and strengthen. For types of steel walls and facades, corners are needed to prevent any collapse.

And if that is not done, the building will have some kind of breakdown and many problems will arise on it. So be sure to use the best type of angles with great strength and power to do this. They also paint them to extend the life of the corner. The world has a different climate and in most areas due to moisture and pollution, the use of stainless steel to prevent corrosion of metals plays an important role and keeps these materials safe from the weather.


Frequently Asked Questions and Related Answers

What is an aluminum angle?

An angle is a profile that consists of two bases that meet at an angle of 90 degrees and form an L-shape. The corners of aluminum profiles are durable, lightweight, corrosion resistant and have excellent performance, which makes it great for industry, construction and construction projects.


What parameters affect the price of an angle?

The angle on the market is estimated in kilograms and its price is influenced by the thickness and dimensions of the angle (wing size).


What is the application of aluminum angles in industry?

The use of aluminum angles in industry and construction is endless. Due to its corrosion resistance, it is a very good option for the use of marine structures. Other applications include: use in window frames, bridge fittings, construction of iron shelves, floor frames, pipelines, railway industry, heavy constructions and chrome roofs.



aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners

aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners



What is the method of production of industrial corners?

There are two types of corners on the market: pressing corners and fabric corners. The corner press is a steel sheet 6 meters long which is bent from the middle and shaped into it. The corners of the fabric are produced in the same way as the corners of different sizes during the hot rolling process.


What are the technical characteristics of the anglea?

Angles are known for two parameters of wing thickness and size. There are two types of angles on the market: equal wing angles and unequal wing angles. The angle of the wing is the same, ie the size of the sides is the same. For example, an angle of 4 means that the size of the wing is 40 miles or 4 inches. Uneven wing angles are not the same size as the sides. For example, an angle of 30 * 40 miles.



aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners

aluminum corners aluminium Angle trim size price aluminum corners



Conclusion Use of colored aluminum corner profiles

Colored aluminum corner profiles are produced by manufacturers of aluminum profiles in two types of canvas and press, and according to the thickness and size of the wings to different types of industrial

Due to their high strength and light weight, they are largely used in construction and are used to strengthen walls to prevent them from falling, as well as connections between columns and load-bearing beams, making various types of masts, and so on.

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