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Aluminum in Energy Engineering
3 April 2022
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Aluminum in Energy Engineering

Aluminum plays an important role in energy engineering. In this article, a summary of aluminum in energy engineering is given, which can introduce you to the role of aluminum in energy engineering. Rosenburg Aluminum specializes in extrusion aluminum for various industries.

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Aluminum in Energy Engineering

Aluminum in Energy Engineering


History of energy engineering

The establishment of the energy engineering field in universities and research centers began in the 1970s due to the rapid increase in energy prices and the need to train specialists in various energy fields. Since the mid-1970s and after the shock of the global oil market, considering the complexities of the issues and problems of the energy sector and feeling the critical need of countries to train experts to find suitable solutions in various fields of energy, gradually establishing research and training centers in this The relationship started in America, major European Union countries and some Asian countries.[1]

Currently, the growing trend of energy demand is provided through the expansion of energy supply systems and exploitation of fossil energy sources. The rapid growth of energy consumption and the high share of fossil energy in providing the energy required by various energy consuming sectors has accelerated the process of exhausting fossil energy sources and spreading a large amount of pollutants in the environment. On the other hand, the wide connection of the energy sector with various technical, scientific, economic and social developments requires the design, development and exploitation of energy systems to be done optimally.


Using aluminum cables can save energy in engineering.

Aluminum cables are cheaper than copper cables and their price is 1/3 of copper.

Aluminum weighs less than copper and has a lower thermal resistance.

Aluminum cables are easier to install.

Aluminum has uniform electrical conductivity.

These features have caused aluminum to be used more in different energy equipment, and this is how aluminum is used in energy engineering.


The process of replacing existing wires in the world is changing dramatically. Also, when building new power lines, companies tend to use aluminum wires, especially in the field of high voltage lines. The United States, for example, uses aluminum wiring to build new buildings.

The use of aluminum cables has a significant economic effect.

Also, this type of wire is usually used in overhead power lines due to its lightness. In general, the process of replacing copper, especially in low pressure lines, is expanding in various industries. Improving alloys for electrical engineering needs is one of the most important branches of research in the world, where a new alloy is unveiled every once in a while.


These alloys are used in the production of electronic and microelectronic components such as capacitors. Motor cables are also used directly in the production of transformers and motors that have low voltage.


In general, I can say that features such as weight and less amount than copper are used for long distance power transmission and distribution lines, and it is used for electrical wiring in residences, household appliances, and various buildings.


 First, aluminum is far cheaper than copper,

Second, the electrical conductivity of aluminum allows you to transfer more electricity using the same infrastructure. Energy consumption in the world is constantly growing.

Aluminum in Energy Engineering

Aluminum in Energy Engineering

Manufacturers are working to improve aluminum alloys

Aluminum and aluminum alloys are also widely used in the production of electronic components and microelectronics, especially in the production of capacitors. Antennas, including televisions, are also made of it. This metal is used in the construction of radars. And in some countries the spiral support for power lines is also made of aluminum. Aluminum is also widely used in the manufacture of transformers as well as low voltage rotary motors.

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