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Aluminum profiles of building facades
2 February 2022
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Aluminum profiles of building facades

What is the use of aluminum facade profiles?

This article deals with applications of this type of profile. Our goal is to express the exact reason for their acceptance, the popularity of these products and the technical points of their production.

If you are dealing with the construction industry or you are only dealing with aluminum profiles, do not miss the rows in front of us and join us because the emergence and learning of various types of aluminum profiles in the field of construction facade profiles and doors and windows has happened. so fast that few people paid attention to the reasons and structural characteristics of these profiles. Now is the time to scientifically list the reasons for the popularity of buying industrial profiles and the characteristics of aluminum profiles.

Aluminum profiles of building facades

Aluminum profiles of building facades


Facade profiles of buildings

The production of facade profiles of buildings in the Rosenburg Aluminum Industrial Complex is possible exclusively. You can order profiles according to your structural plan and get completely exclusive products.

Dedicated aluminum profiles for building facades or greenhouse profiles have high strength and low weight. This feature is due to the property of aluminum metal which reduces the final weight of the structure.

Services performed to protect the surface of the facade profile of the building include powder painting, anodizing of aluminum, polishing and aluminum brushes.

The structure of the new generation aluminum profile enables insulation from heat and cold. As a result, the energy consumption of structures equipped with aluminum profiles for thermal break is optimal.

Aluminum profiles are compatible with almost all heavy double or triple glazing.

The price of ready-made aluminum profiles is high compared to UPVC profiles available on the market. The reason for this difference in price is the value of aluminum metal, high resistance to bad weather conditions and resistance to pressure.


Aluminum profiles of building facades

Aluminum profiles of building facades


History of industrialization of industrial aluminum production

Since the beginning of the industrialization of the production of aluminum profiles in 1950, the demand for it has grown by an average of 7.5 percent per year, and that growth has been different at different times.

The short-term decline in demand is also directly linked to economic or political crises, including the 1973 and 1974 oil crises, as well as the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1983 and 1991, the financial crisis in Asia in 1998 and the 2001 recession and the Great Depression in 2008 years.

Aluminum profiles of building facades

Aluminum profiles of building facades


Take a look at the production process of aluminum facade profiles

 The process of making aluminum profiles of building facades begins with designing extrusion molds and making aluminum extrusion molds from specialized aluminum profiles in engineering software, and after determining the design, cross-sectional area and dimensions, aluminum profiles are made. In the next phase, after the production of aluminum profiles, the steps of coating and painting the surface of the profile are performed, and finally the packaging of the product. Advanced technology of aluminum extrusion and devices.


Frequently Asked Questions and Related Answers

Are there aluminum profiles for making thermal insulation windows?

Today, most door and window profiles are insulated with thermal break technology to save energy and minimize heat and cold transfer.

In this method, two separate profiles are connected to a polyamide thermal barrier. This process also allows the aluminum profiles to be covered in two different colors inside and out, if desired.

What factors determine the price of aluminum profiles for doors and windows?

One of the factors that affects the price of aluminum profiles is the weight of the profile. The choice of color type, the length of the cut of the profile branch, the type of normal or thermally broken profile system, are other factors that affect the price.

What are the advantages of building facade profiles for construction?

Aluminum constructions from facade profiles of buildings Painting, anticorrosive properties, low weight and flexibility, high durability, possibility of installing large glass panels, resistant to climate change, recyclable, easy and fast installation, and can be produced in narrow and delicate frames.


Aluminum profiles of building facades

Aluminum profiles of building facades


What are the characteristics of aluminum profiles for doors and windows?

Aluminum profiles for doors and windows are called special profiles. These profiles are connected together to form a frame. Design these profiles that give their unique characteristics to the door and window system. There are different types of aluminum profiles such as thermal break window profiles, curtains, frameless, sliding and…

How to produce aluminum profiles for doors and windows?

To create each profile, the aluminum beam is first heated and placed on an extrusion press, which includes a set of engineering machines. It is then passed through the mold by pressure and heat, and the aluminum profile is produced in the same shape as the mold opening. Finally, they perform several processes to ensure the smoothness, strength and quality of the profile.


Aluminum profiles of building facades

Aluminum profiles of building facades












Final summary of profile creation

In the above lines of the article, we first got acquainted with the advantages of choosing aluminum profiles for greenhouses, and then we mentioned the production of aluminum profiles.

But in conclusion, we must emphasize that the stated advantages for these products are true only when they are bought from renowned manufacturers of aluminum profiles. Honestly, the demand for non-standard facade profiles of buildings will not differ much from other products on the market. As a result in the process in be careful and always count on us as a consultant.

Contact us to inquire about prices and purchase a profile.

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