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custom aluminum solar panel frame - best price
9 January 2022
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aluminum solar panel panels | Production of aluminum frames for solar panels


custom aluminum solar panel frame s made of various alloys of irregular cross-sections form a solar panel and increase quality during various processes. We will talk about that in this article.

Most solar panels are made of aluminum alloy with irregular cross-sections. These panels have grooves that make them easy to install. Some of these panels are anodized in matte silver-white, and some are black.

The shape of the solar panel frame is extruded using an aluminum beam through a mold. The appearance and surface are polished with a beautiful process of sandblasting and anodizing. See Tesla Solar Panels.


custom aluminum solar panel frame - best price

custom aluminum solar panel frame – best price


Determinants in the quality of aluminum solar panel panels

Selection of raw materials

Raw materials are selected with great rigor, the quantity of each element must be in accordance with the following standards:

  • Silicon between 0.38 and 0.42%
  • Magnesium between 0.53 to 0.57%
  • Iron less than 0.18%


custom aluminum solar panel frame - best price

custom aluminum solar panel frame – best price


Significance of the type of mold

The extrusion mold must be carefully and professionally polished, especially in the part where the decorative surface of the aluminum frame is in contact with it in order to prevent the formation of black lines and welding lines. Also during the extrusion process, the temperature and speed of extrusion must be controlled with great accuracy and sensitivity.

On the other hand, after extrusion and hardening, the time of the artificial aging process should be well controlled because it has a great influence on the hardness of aluminum and determines whether that hardness is in accordance with the relevant standards or not. In general, the stiffness of aluminum profiles should be greater than 8 Brinels (HB), and for solar frames should be 12 Brinels.


sandblasted aluminum solar panel

The aluminum frame should be sandblasted after the artificial aging process, and the power of the carburetor should be the same. On the other hand, wear should be prevented during the sandblasting process.

custom aluminum solar panel frame - best price

custom aluminum solar panel frame – best price

Anodizing aluminum solar panel

The surface of the aluminum profile becomes opaque after the sandblasting process, and then enters the workshop for anodizing the surface for adding material with a black frame in a step-by-step manner during the painting process.


The time of the anodizing process must be completely controlled in order to increase the thickness of the anodizing layer. The thickness of the layer of ordinary aluminum profiles is about 10 micrometers, while for solar panels the frame should be at least 15 micrometers. The surface of the anodized material must be coated to protect it from abrasion that occurs during the process.


custom aluminum solar panel frame - best price

custom aluminum solar panel frame – best price


How to improve the surface quality of aluminum solar panel s?

There are several ways to do this:

  • Select the extrusion parameters correctly: according to the extrusion coefficient, profile cross section, mold, equipment, etc., the best extrusion temperature, casting rod heating temperature, mold temperature and extrusion speed should be set and these parameters are constantly checked during the production process and adjusted.


  • Increase the quality of cast reinforcement: In the reinforcement casting process, use grain correction technology and take effective measures to reduce defects and defects such as slag inclusions, porosity and coarse grains. In addition, to improve the microstructure analysis of low-strength cast bars, the quality control unit reduces the use of defective casting bars.

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