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aluminum strips
15 March 2022
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Definition of aluminum strips

Aluminum strips are a type of product made of solid aluminum ingots, which are used in the manufacture of handles and fittings. These types of aluminum products are flat sheets that are made of aluminum. It is better to know that these types of belts are produced in two forms: fabric or cut from aluminum sheet.

When people come across the name of an aluminum strip, they may be curious what this product is and how it is used in industry and society, and they can also ask them about the price of an aluminum belt. An aluminum strip is a hollow piece that is pressed into a variety of shapes and forms, including a simple and unfinished design and a striped shape, which is usually three rows and sold.
How to choose the best aluminum belt?
Many ordinary people may not know enough about the use of aluminum belts, nor about the price of aluminum strips. In this article, we want to explain what you need to know about this:

aluminum strips

aluminum strips

Application of aluminum belts

Alloy machine belts are a subset of metal belts. These belts are made of alloys, about 90 to 95 percent of which are components and the rest of which is based on the mechanical and required properties and their improvement, such as strength, corrosion resistance, electric current transmission, and heat transmission of alloy elements. have been formed
These belts are used in cases such as covering roofs, cornices, manufacturing car parts, stainless tanks, electrical conductors, machine parts, production of false ceilings, etc.


Classification of aluminum alloys

In the steel industry, aluminum alloys are usually divided into two different groups, namely:
The first group that can be mentioned are cast alloys.
The second group, which is an aluminum alloy in the steel industry, is called a working alloy.
In the steel industry, machinable aluminum alloys are more common. These products are commonly used in tools and equipment that have a special mode, such as aluminum foil and aluminum sheets can be called. buy aluminum alloys usage strips


aluminum strips

 aluminum strips


A series of aluminum alloys

Different elements can be used in the machinable aluminum alloy, which have different series according to the type of element in which they are used, which are divided as follows:

1000 series alloys
2000 series alloys
5000 series alloys
7000 series alloys
8000 series alloys

Among the alloys we have introduced, the 2000 and 7000 series alloys have higher strength and are stronger. The 5000 Series alloy also features a higher boiling point and shows greater resistance to corrosion and impact.
Price of aluminum strips
Aluminum belts can have different prices and are offered in different markets at different prices. This product is usually found depending on the type of element that can be used in its alloy, as well as the recognition of different companies that offer it at different prices in the steel and alloy market.


aluminum strips

aluminum strips

Applications of aluminum strips

One of the things that can be mentioned about the use of aluminum strips is the use of different handles that can be used in different parts. Aluminum strips can also be used in hardware, which is one of the most important applications of aluminum strips.


aluminum strips

aluminum strips



According to what we mentioned in this article, aluminum is one of the most commonly used and widely used products in the steel and alloy industry. The community may not be very familiar with this product, but this product is very effective. One of the functions we mentioned for this product is its use in assembling and making various handles. Aluminum alloys According to what we mentioned, there are two groups in which the functional aluminum alloy is more represented. Aluminum belts may have different prices of aluminum belts depending on the above issues, these prices may vary depending on the type of element and its manufacturers. We hope to provide you with enough information on this issue.

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