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26 January 2022
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Using of LED aluminum systems for lighting is growing up in all over the world. just in us government can save 675 million $ by globalization of LED lighting at 2016. There are kinds of people who using these systems.

Later we explain completely types of systems –so be with us until the end of this article.

LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

Which niches are the main users of LED aluminum?

As we say there are several people that prefer using these types of products. The type of these niches are main candidates at using of LED aluminum such as:

 1-using of bright lighting.

2-using for directory and commercial/advertising.

3-using at LED lamp the type of mr-16.

4-using of background lights of different views.

5-using of several type of lamps in different patterns.

6-using of lighting at out of buildings.

7-using of lighting for parking and garages.

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

Industrial countries use the LED aluminum for decrease the measure of using lighting.

According to the published statistics، if the whole places and salons use these systems ، so there saving of money just in the one country like u.s.a.  its near to 37$ billion (and its so amazing).

What is the LED aluminum profiles?

We can identify LED aluminum profiles the second section and lighting industry but also its so important if we consider the simplest kind of this section-it consists the below parts:

1-diffuser lens.

2-LED strip lights.

3-End cap.

4-installation bracket.

The potential of expending LED aluminum profiles:

The growing potential of using extrude profile is unlimited. Develop in using LED lighting can cause save at energy and repair and holding cost till 70-80%.

Generally if you want to install new lighting or repair the old type of lamp ، using LED aluminum profile is appropriate.

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

Do you need new decoration?

If you want new decoration without doubt choose the LED aluminum profile is the best. We can use them in aisles –roofs-roof gardens and etc.

What are the advantages of using LED aluminum?

Because of using aluminum in these LED we can see many advantages generally .

Aluminum between all metals have several advantages-such as:

1-aluminum S color is silver so its good idea to create luxury design .

2-aluminum is flexible and so we can use from this feature for make many shapes.

3-we can use it at interior and exterior spaces.

4-aluminum is stainless and it has loge life span.

5-we can use in different shapes.

6-it can keep its color during the using.

7-we can use it in humid/wet places because it is stainless.

8-aluminum is so shine.

9-it is so light weight so it’s a good choice for transportation.

All feature that we say is just part of features that cause this metal got popular to use it.

What are the most application of LED?

If we want to explain  the applications of LED aluminum, we must say that applications have different categories, among which we can refer to industry. There are a variety of industrial and warehousing locations that can create a vast market and you can see the applications of this style of lighting. The most important of these applications include the following options, all of which are of the highest degree of importance

1-lighting of roads and bridges.

2-lighting of streets.

3-lighting of undergrounds.

4-lighting of pavements.

5-lighting of cycling line

6-lighting of crosslines

7-lighting of digital aliment.

8-lighting of advertisements billboards.

9-lighting of score s tables.

10-lighting of views of parks and gardens.

11-lighting of background or tall building and apartments.

Generally we can say LED lighting is approximately useful in everywhere and every places.

this can shows the importance of LED lighting .

we can use LED aluminum for examples:

1-parcings and gardens.


3-malls and stores.

4-bank and offices.

5-exhibitions salons.

6-schools and libraries.


8-resturants  and hotels.

9-stadiums and etc.

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights


Using for decoration and security.

The usage of aluminum profiles isn’t specify to industrial places. They can use for decoration and security such as:





5-subways wagons.

6-at stations and airports.

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

LED aluminum profiles use for exterior lighting view and interior lighting view and transportation lighting in houses.

Residential usages of LED aluminum:

Now that you are familiar with the application of these lights for industrial – decorative and safety – purposes –it is not bad to know that these lights and also used in residential areas and very popular installing and using of these lights can cause safety، beauty and comfort for example:




4-for roof

5-exit door

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights


Sealing the aluminum shell of LED lights

If the aluminum shell of the LED lighting profiles can be seaLED, you will see high safety. This high safety will also expand the range of applications. In relation to these applications, the following options are given priority:

  • Exterior security lighting

  • Highlight garage doors

  • Emergency symptoms and

  • Decoration of gardens, streams, ponds and pools.

Leading companies and manufacturers offer a number of standard profiles for the production of aluminum leads that are able to solve any problem in LED light; Because these profiles are so compact, they can be cut to a predetermined length and eventually instalLED in almost any location.

The use of aluminum leads is increasing day by day

As mentioned, the applications of lead aluminum are very wide and the market for its use is growing all over the world. Aluminum profiles can be easily used in indoor and outdoor lighting. Apart from that, their use in industrial, domestic, transportation, advertising and finally outdoor cases is a very ideal offer.

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

usage LED Aluminum channel strip diffuser lights

The last word

In this article, we tried to introduce you to aluminum lead. Aluminum LED profiles have various advantages and features, in this article we tried to share the most important ones with you. In addition, we examined the main applications of these leads, which fall into various categories. Among these categories we can mention residential, industrial, decorative and security.

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