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rosenburg aluminium profile
3 April 2022
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Rosenburg aluminium profile is one of the most popular aluminium profiles today for making various models of different double-glazed thermal break windows. Insulation, light weight along with the strength of this type of aluminium profile has caused the applications of Rosenburg profiles to increase day by day. The use of high quality profiles is very important in the quality of the structure, therefore, in many residential and office building projects, the highest quality profiles are used. In the meantime, Rosenburg’s profile with world fame will be the choice of many manufacturers.


Rosenburg aluminum profile

Rosenburg aluminum profile

Rosenburg  aluminium profiles designed in different types of systems are each produced for specific purposes. The characteristics of Rosenburg profiles are determined by their performance along with their visual beauty.

Nowadays, the use of Rosenburg profiles with special design and different openings, as well as the ability to withstand the weight of more double or triple glazed glass, while appearing elegant, has led to the use of more durable alloys and how to design Rosenburg profiles that are the best features of a Show aluminum doors and windows and thermal break. Achieving these goals requires the use of the most advanced methods of extrusion mold design and production of aluminum profiles, as well as simulation of the expected situation to achieve the desired result.

Rosenburg aluminum profile Rosenburg aluminum profile[/caption]


Young metal and emerging aluminum in the window industry



The fact is that in addition to ferrous metals, there are very important non-ferrous base metals, including aluminum. Aluminum is a young and emerging metal that has been in mass production and commercial for more than a century, because despite the thousands of years of use of metals such as copper, lead and tin, the discovery of aluminum dates back to 1886, when the aluminum company was founded. The United States lasted about 20 years in 1907, but only three decades have passed since its widespread use in various industries such as door and window industries. Known by the acronym Alcoa in the world, the company was named the world’s largest aluminum producer.


Rosenburg aluminum profile

Rosenburg aluminum profile


Innovation in new products



The role of the aluminum industry in the global economy is now more vital as global consumption has grown significantly over the past decade, and the industry is strengthening its position with features such as innovation in new products such as Rosenburg aluminum profiles and environmental sustainability. The industry also plays a major role in the global and national economies of the world. The aluminum supply chain begins with the mineral and continues to ingots and aluminum alloys.


Aluminium profile brands


When considering the aluminum profile brands of a construction project, attention to the aluminum used in the building should be at the top of your list. Multifunctional aluminum metal is used for many purposes, its beauty and compliance with ecological conditions has made this metal in Use different parts of the building. There are different types of aluminum profiles and it is known in different brands. Aluminum profiles are usually by-products that are produced for different purposes and have several uses depending on their application. One of these types of aluminum profiles is Rosenburg aluminium profiles, which is designed and produced by Rosenburg  Aluminium Company.

Rosenburg aluminum profile

Rosenburg aluminum profile

Rosenburg Aluminum Profile Features


Rosenburg aluminium profiles are made of durable alloys that can have good resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Using the latest technologies in the manufacture of proprietary Rosenburg aluminum profiles, as well as going through the process of aluminum anodizing services, powder paint services can be effective in producing products with the desired quality.

In aluminum extrusion, the more fabric billets and better alloys are used, the higher the quality of the profile and the greater the strength of the structure or the door and window of the building. The anodizing process of Rosenburg aluminum profiles also increases its efficiency and durability, so that the aluminum surfaces do not corrode over time and in the presence of air and do not rot.

Another feature that makes Rosenburg profiles popular is the ability to recycle and reuse them. Of course, this feature is present in most profiles, but the use of high quality metal makes the recycling process with the least loss.

Comparison of productivity of aluminum profile brands

Every year, the European Aluminum Manufacturers Association publishes useful comparative reports on the productivity of manufacturers of Rosenburg aluminum industrial profiles, thermal break aluminum profiles and various types of aluminium profiles in Europe.

An example of recent association reports on the production of Rosenburg aluminium profiles by extrusion proves that there is a significant difference between the production volume of a wide and relatively thin section of AIMgS10 alloy on three presses with different life, billet weight and production volume. have.

The most important parameters in the production of Rosenburg aluminium profiles

Results are given for the production of 1 ton of final product. These results show that the most important parameters in the economic production of Rosenburg aluminum profiles are:

  1. Select the appropriate press, according to the section size, as a result of which the best extrusion ratio, suitable weight of aluminum billet, the fastest production cycle and the highest extrusion speed are obtained.
  2. Minimize reset times and dead cycle times, as a result of which the efficiency of the design increases.
  3. Design and manufacture of tools with optimal cost and correct way of using the mold, with the least amount of mold repairs.
  4. Ways to increase the productivity of Rosenburg profile production plan


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