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aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions
3 February 2022
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Thick and seamless aluminum tube 2022

Aluminum extrusion tube

Production of thick and seamless aluminum pipe in the first phase before the start of production with the design of aluminum extrusion molds. The standard of pipes varies depending on the type of use. Also, the function of the profile, its design and shape determine the price of aluminum pipes. The purpose of this article is to describe the performance and production process of aluminum profiles as well as the way to implement the pressing process for aluminum extrusion.



aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions


In this way, pipes and hollow profiles are mainly made of soft alloys. This type of aluminum extrusion mold has wide application in the industry of production of extruded aluminum profiles and is suitable for alloys of different types of aluminum profiles.

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions



The welding chamber process has some advantages which are:

Possibility of squeezing out long hollow parts

Possibility of squeezing out hollow parts of a thin wall

It is useful in the extrusion of complex parts used in some industries

The welding properties of some aluminum alloys for the production of hollow profiles are shown in the table below.



Aluminum tube

The rosenburg aluminium Industrial Complex produces and sells seamless aluminum pipes from the best raw materials. Contact us to inquire about the price of aluminum pipes.



In the following, if we want to divide the process of production of proprietary aluminum profiles into 4 main parts, it is the following.

Aluminum beams or ingots

Extrusion mold design and production of aluminum molds

Extruded aluminum profiles

Standard extrusion aluminum tubes

The standard of aluminum pipes with the process of aluminum extrusion is made using a disc-shaped mold. These templates correspond to the cross section of the profile we want to get. In this process, hot extrusion of aluminum is compressed and formed by a mold. Aluminum extrusion molds are made of steel because profile molds are made of high temperature resistant steel and are more heat resistant than aluminum that has a lower melting point.

The production of aluminum profiles by the method of aluminum extrusion is a method that is often used for various shapes such as pipes, aluminum corners, double-glazed aluminum window frames and auto parts.



aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions



Standard extrusions aluminum pipes

Standard pipe alloy

The standard extrusion aluminum tube proves that significant differences between the type of press and the dimensions of the billet used for different alloys cause significant deviations in production volume. It provides the results of extrusion production of aluminum pipes from three heterogeneous alloys in three different production schemes. Production speed and time required have approximate differences.

The result of the production of alloy pipes with the help of three aluminum extrusion presses with a service life of more than 10 years is presented, among which the dimensions of the beams are almost equally selected. But the results show significant differences in monthly press production. Comparing the results with the table, we find that even the old press can work efficiently. An important point in economic production is to pay attention to the parameters of printing.



Aluminum pipe size

Characteristics of seamless aluminum pipes

The term “welded pipes”, which is widely used for steel pipes, does not refer to aluminum pipes. The problem is that the steel pipe has a clear welded seam. But in a pipe with aluminum seams, this seam is hidden. Aluminum profiles for welded pipes are also called structural pipes.



The advantages of seamless aluminum pipes are the following:

1-Seamless rollers are ideal for high pressure applications.

2-Possibility of even anodized surface, especially for pipes with thick walls.

3-Seamless pipes do not have welding problems such as opening when the pipe is deformed.

4-In seamless aluminum pipes, its structural strength is increased.



Thick aluminum tube

A thick aluminum pipe is a round, rectangular, square or oval hollow piece that is determined by the outer diameter and thickness of the wall and is shown in inches or millimeters. Aluminum pipes are produced according to the application in different thicknesses, alloys and sizes. Aluminum pipes are divided into two categories: seamless and seamless (integrated). Thick welded aluminum pipe is produced by welding, and thick seamless aluminum pipe is produced during the aluminum extrusion process. This means that the mandrel is placed inside the extrusion mold and fixed, and when the aluminum beam passes through the hole in the mold, it creates a hole inside the pipe. In aluminum pipes, bending properties, welding resistance and turning ability are very important. This has led to different profiles of aluminum pipes in a wide range of different industrial and commercial applications, including aerospace, health products, recreational products, machine parts and. be used.



aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions



Pipe production

The production of different types of pipes from re-welded alloys is extruded using solids

these aluminum beams and molds with welding chambers such as bridges, nets or multiple valves. In this case, force is applied to the metal to flow into separate openings and around the bridges between these openings, which also hold the thorn. These separate metal currents, which flow around the outlet, meet in the welding chamber around the mandrel and exit as a hollow part from the distance between the mandrel and the mold cover. Because separate metal streams fit into an extruded aluminum mold When there is no atmospheric pollution, they merge, creating a perfectly healthy weld.



Production of all types of aluminum pipes

Sales of all types of aluminum pipes

Sales of aluminum pipes in all industrialized countries are very high, because special aluminum profiles can be used in the most difficult environments due to their exceptional corrosion resistance. In addition, aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity and is suitable for useful heat transfer applications. Aluminum pipes are used in the automotive and heating industries, in radiators and other heating equipment. The agricultural industry also makes extensive use of aluminum pipes in irrigation systems. Aluminum is also commonly used to make pipe and tripod fittings. The flexibility of aluminum pipes makes them ideal for almost any commercial or industrial application.


Sales of all types of aluminum pipes

Due to their low weight, aluminum pipes offer a larger volume of pipes per purchased weight than steel. Many products use lighter tubes, especially those that require special mobility such as wheelchairs and outdoor furniture.


Extruded mold for seamless aluminum pipes consists of several general parts:

The molds consist of two parts. The first is the matrix (solid mold), which is responsible for holding the mold and connecting it to the extrusion system. The second case is Sambeh. It is used when we want to produce hollow parts such as seamless aluminum tubes and aluminum cans. In this case, a second mold is needed to form a solid hollow profile. The connecting bridge of the mold of this piece serves to create a hollow space in the aluminum profile. Thus, the mold has openings that allow the movement of aluminum but force it to reach a hollow shape through the thorn. Bring and take a cylindrical shape. The part of the cap through which it gives the desired external shape to the profile, while the mold forms the internal shape, which is located at the end of the mold system.

Note: The cross section of the profile and the dimensions of the mold and the press are completely connected.



aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

Seamless aluminum tube

Important points about pipe extrusion

 Hollow-section aluminum extrusion has several technical characteristics compared to solid-section extrusion, which include:

Since the metal must overcome the friction caused by the flow through the outlets before it reaches the welding chamber, the load applied to the extrusion of these parts is higher.

In order to facilitate the flow of metal between the outlets and to achieve proper welding in the welding chamber, the temperature of the beam should be higher than 2 degrees. On the other hand, the temperature of the chamber should be relatively high and should not be more than 2 to 3 degrees lower than the temperature of the beam. In other words, in order to achieve the desired extrusion and satisfactory boiling, the temperature of the chamber should be around 4 to 4 degrees.

Symptoms of longitudinal welding after anodizing are weaker than other parts due to metallurgical effects. However, special attention should be paid to the design of the mold to ensure proper welding positions.

Small aluminum parts of the pipe are produced using multi-valve and multi-channel molds. The number of channels is chosen taking into account the extrusion ratio of each extrusion hole of the alloy, the size of the press and the CCD.



aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

Pipe extrusion production process

After designing and manufacturing the aluminum extrusion mold, the cylindrical aluminum beam made of aluminum alloy is heated to 500 ° C.

The surface of the aluminum is impregnated with oil to prevent it from sticking to the extrusion device.

The aluminum ingot, which turns into a paste after receiving the heat, enters the machine by pressing from one side.

To prevent oxidation, nitrogen enters the device as a liquid or gas to prevent air flow and create a neutral and neutral atmosphere inside the device.

After finishing the work, the aluminum pipe extruded with coolers is hardened and then transferred to the workshop part.

Hardened extruders are cut to the required length.

Possibility of making grooved or T profiles with the possibility of joining without the need for welding.



Furniture profiles made of aluminum pipes

Seamless extruded furniture profiles are used for applications under high internal pressure. Airplane seat frames Profiles and fittings for furniture are good examples. These tubes are also suitable for large deformations during extrusion, such as bending tubes or busbars. Another application is for cases that require high loads. Examples of this type include hydraulic cylinders, baseball bats and car crankshafts. Also, when the appearance of the pipe is important, choose a seamless pipe. This gives a smooth and even look, especially if the seamless pipe is anodized, and vice versa, anodizing on a seamless (structural) pipe makes the seam more prominent.



aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions



The last stage of production of aluminum pipes

In the last step, to extrude the aluminum tube and increase the degree of hardness

, it descends at a relatively low temperature, which is called hardening operation. An edge furnace whose temperature varies from 4 to 2 degrees Celsius and processing time is used to strengthen the aluminum alloy profile of heat-treated operations. The longer the working time and the lower the temperature, the higher the hardness and strength together The higher the temperature and the shorter the time, the higher the hardness and the lower the strength. Alloy pipes 6061 are perfectly suitable as structural components because alloy 6061 has a high resistance to corrosion due to environmental conditions. This alloy is the most versatile and cheapest heated aluminum alloy and is used in cases where moderate appearance and strength are required.



Extrusion of pipes and hollow profiles

Aluminum pipes and hollow profiles of this type are produced through a mold that forms their outer surface and a mandrel that is placed in the mold cavity and forms the inner surface and thickness of these sections. There are various methods for extruding hollow profiles in industry based on product requirements and the limitations of extruded aluminum alloys, including:

Seamless aluminum tube: This method uses a thorn bolted to the thrust axis or a moving thorn that is controlled independently of the ROM. This process is usually limited to the production of round pipes or simple hollow shapes and is not feasible for the production of thin-walled profiles. Weld extrusion sections: This method uses a mold with a welding chamber.



Price of aluminum pipe

Design of mandrels for extrusion of rods and pipes

The design of the mandrel means to ensure the shape, size and strength of the work, the strength of the mandrel is a parameter that depends on the specific pressure of the process and in extrusion should not be more than .. Although the pressures up to. They are used in the extrusion of zinc alloys and high-strength aluminum alloys, nickel and steel alloys.


Buy aluminum pipes

You can buy aluminum pipes from extrusion manufacturers, suppliers of aluminum pipes. Aluminum is the most common metal after steel, and aluminum pipes are one of the most commonly used forms of aluminum profiles. High strength, light weight and resistance to rust and corrosion of this metal, has become a great option for everything from cars to refrigerators. Anodized aluminum pipes offer a very hard surface that can withstand corrosion and discoloration. Extruded aluminum pipe is a widely used product in a wide range of sizes used in various construction, industrial and architectural industries.


aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions



Production of structural aluminum pipes

Structural pipes are suitable for applications where high force is not applied. Aluminum rails and profiles for windows, wall framing and other architectural and decorative applications are examples of the use of structural pipes. Housing frames, transport carts and car guards are examples of the use of these pipes in industry. Structural pipes are also widely used in trailers and cars.



Types of methods for the production of aluminum pipe profiles

Extrusion of the perforated mandrel using a moving mandrel, which is also slightly narrowed, the use of a fixed mandrel is less because the tool is under great wear.

Extrusion of a hollow beam with a fixed or movable mandrel

Extrusion of solid beams in molds for welded chambers


The latest method for the production of aluminum profiles of very long pipes is the use of alloys that are easily welded. The mandrel and replaceable mold are used to produce different pipe diameters. Pipes produced by extrusion from billet to billet can be wound. The standard method in the production and sale of aluminum pipes is the first solution, in this case. The mold and the mandrel are lightly lubricated and in many cases special attention is paid to the quantity and type of thorn rotatenka to prevent scratching on the inner surface of the mandrel pipe after each phase of water production, surface cooling. If a movable mandrel is used. Conicity along the pipe and thinning in the end walls of the pipe were observed. This value is equal to 1.5 to 1.5 mm. These shortcomings are removed by the cold drawing method.


aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions

aluminum tube | aluminum tube extrusions


Curtain wall profile and alloy properties 6063

Aluminum alloy 6063 often appears in the production of curtain profiles that value beauty more than strength. This alloy has many anodizing possibilities similar to aluminum alloy 6061. There are different types of aluminum alloys. Aluminum forms strong alloys with various types of compounds of magnesium and silicon. In particular, manufacturers use 6061 aluminum pipe alloy for many medium to high strength applications due to their weldability and corrosion resistance. The 6061 aluminum square tube is also easily anodized, making it great for heat treatment. Manufacturers also use 6063 aluminum square tube alloy for very smooth surfaces. Because it has only half the strength of 6061 aluminum alloy.

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